Czech Republic’s Integrated Pollution Register

The Integrated Pollution Register, created through Czech Law No. 76 of 2002, is a publicly accessible, electronic database documenting environmental pollution from domestic industrial and agricultural facilities. The Register’s objective is to require regular periodical data reporting of releases and transfers of certain substances by companies and offers relevant and reliable data on the Internet to all interested parties. The Register includes information on 93 reported substances that are released, both intentionally and accidentally, to the air, water and soil, as well as in off-site transfers, such as wastewater treated outside the facility producing it. The Czech Ministry of the Environment (MŽP) and the Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA) operate the Register and also verify the information available on it.

In 2008, the government adopted Regulation no. 145/2008, which specifies the list of pollutants and thresholds and the data required for reporting to the Register. Reporting to the Register is facilitated through an online system. The Register’s webpage provides many useful informational resources, including: a description of the process for reporting; a section containing information about all monitored pollutants, including chemical properties and effects on human health and the environment; a list of the largest polluters; and a link to important documents, such as relevant law, regulations, and scientific studies.

The Czech Republic has developed the Register to fulfill its obligations arising from the Aarhus Convention, including the collection and dissemination of environmental information, free public access to information, and the creation of a registry of releases and transfers of pollutants.

Further Information

The Register’s web page,, MŽP’s webpage,, CENIA’s webpage,