National Climate Change Policy and Sector Guidance Framework

In 2013 the Jordanian Ministry of Environment published the National Climate Change Policy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: 2013-2020, which assesses the impacts from climate change on Jordan and recommends a number of mitigation and adaptation measures.

The Policy integrates a human rights approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation. For example, the Policy lists as a short-term objective that the “interests of vulnerable groups, with emphasis on the poor, youth and gender are adequately addressed in mitigation and adaptation policies and strategies.” The Policy also outlines the potential impacts of climate change in a number of areas, including food security, human health, water resources, and tourism, and proposes adaptation measures to reduce these impacts. Public participation is one of the cornerstones of the Policy, including a campaign to increase public awareness and provisions for public consultation. For example, the Policy states that “Stakeholders buy-in and continuous involvement is required to guarantee the sustainability of actions towards mitigation and adaptation to climate change and successful implementation of mitigation and adaptation actions.” The Policy explains that it will be implemented through existing laws and regulations and by multiple government departments.

In October 2014, the German Organization for Technical Cooperation gave Jordan’s Environmental Ministry a €6.5 million grant, most of which is allocated to assist in implementation of the Climate Change Policy.

Further Information

The National Policy can found at: Information on the recent German grant is available from the Jordan Times web site: