National Meta-Register on Environmental Information (EcoRegister)

Serbia has created a public online database, the National Meta-Register on Information about Environment (EcoRegister) to provide information related to the environment. The database consists of thousands of documents from a wide range of organisations and institutions, including government agencies, private companies, research organisations, non-governmental organisations and public utilities. As of November 2014, 5638 documents from 857 institutions were available on the database.  The website also lists an index of documents. Examples of documents include educational materials on the environment; statistical data on environmental information such as water quality and air quality; reports on Serbia’s compliance with the Aarhus Convention; records of environmental impact assessments from different municipalities; and environmental monitoring plans for private companies, such as energy and mining. EcoRegister features different search options to provide users a variety of ways to seek pertinent information, such as searching by maps, institution, or document type. Information can also be updated by participating institutions. Additionally, users can suggest new institutions and documents for consideration. If information is not available in an online format, the database includes a point of contact and the procedure for requesting access to the particular information. Users can also download a template form for the request for access to information of public importance.

Further Information

The EcoRegister’s website: