National Ministry: South African Department of Environmental Affairs’ Annual Report

he South African Department of Environmental Affairs publishes an annual report on all enforcement-related activities. This report provides information on statistics for enforcement, including administrative citations and fines issued, criminal cases brought, number of convictions, number of facilities inspected, and number of staff working on compliance monitoring and enforcement. For example, the 2012-2013 report indicated that a total of 1818 arrests were made by government regulators, compared to 1339 in the previous financial year. 1488 criminal dockets were registered during the period in question compared to 1080 in previous period. The report also indicates a slight decrease in the number of convictions obtained nationally, from 82 in 2011-12 to 70 convictions in 2012-13. Some of the most prevalent crimes reported include the illegal hunting of rhino in a national park, the unlawful disposal of waste, illegal cutting and collection of wood and driving in a coastal area without a permit.

According to the Executive Director of the Centre for Environmental rights, a South African environmental NGO, the annual compliance and enforcement report “gives incredibly valuable information to civil society to use to empower it to take legal action and to use as softer advocacy tools, such as to criticise companies engaged in illegal activities.”

Further Information

See website of the Department of Environmental Affairs to find the reports: