North-South Local Government Co-operation Programme between Finland and Tanzania

As a part of the North-South Local Government Co-operation Programme, the city of Tampere and its Tanzanian partner city of Mwanza have worked together to diminish the gap between Northern and Southern municipalities by opening a channel for cities to exchange knowledge, share policies and shape practices inspiring each other.

Coordinated by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, the partnership has focused on capacity building of the city administration through training, exchanging ideas and expertise, and colleague-to-colleague partnership. The cooperation promotes sustainability and participation in communities by raising awareness on the living environment and its management.

Some of the Tampere-Mwanza Co-operation’s Programme’s projects include: an afforestation program which promoted reestablishment of the city tree nursery; demarcation of village woodlands and introduction of biogas plants; a composting program to sensitize the community on the importance of making compost at household level from biodegradable waste instead of burning it; and environmental management training seminars for the Mwanza City Council and stakeholders on environmental laws and regulation, environmental impact assessment, and environmentally friendly technologies.

According to the project partners, since its establishment in 2002, the Tampere-Mwanza cooperation has fostered cooperation between the cities of Tampere and Mwanza in various environmental activities. This practice has opened a channel for communication between the two municipalities to share their policies and practices. The cooperation has helped achieve higher levels of environmental protection by promoting sustainable development, participation of citizens, good governance, cultural exchange and mutual learning.

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